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We all struggle with 3 fundamental questions ...

Who am I? Why am I? How do I?

We empower you to answer them.

Identity + Purpose + Experience

By Intent was developed from a desire to see people positively disrupt their lifestyles, mindsets and behaviors to live consciously and joyously.

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“Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better
by change”

– Jim Rohn

where to begin?

  • Choose one of the 3 areas (Identity, Purpose, Experience), dive in and learn more.
  • Join our community and discover ways we can help you positively disrupt your life: whether it’s building more confidence, developing a personal brand, changing a career, growing leadership skills or eating healthier … we can help!
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this week:

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Gurki Basra came to popularity overnight, after her Netflix episode on the show titled “Dating Around” aired in 2019.

Posted in Career, Grow, Learn, Purpose | March 5, 2021 Spiritual Lessons of Purpose – Get to Know Your Ego

How does the ego play a part in discovering purpose? It helps and hinders, Raakhee explains more above.

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