Posted in | December 15, 2020 Nomadic Juicer, Dom Ceja, on His Journey to Health, Juicing Basics and Benefits

I had the opportunity to speak to the cool juicing whiz, Dom Ceja aka Nomadic Juicer.

Posted in | December 15, 2020 Founder of The Human Method™, Nahid de Belgeonne on Somatic Yoga, Wellness Revolutions & More

Nahid de Belgeonne, is a UK-based yoga expert, fitness studio owner and the founder of The Human Method™, which is a specialized form of yoga and movement that draws on somatic yoga, the Feldenkrais Method and more.

Posted in | December 15, 2020 Ananta Ripa Ajmera, Director of Ayurveda at The Well, on Digestion, Food Combinations and More

Ananta's book, "The Ayurveda Way" has received numerous awards and recognition.

Posted in | December 15, 2020 Gurki Basra, from Netflix’s “Dating Around” shares truths on Identity and Authenticity in Love

Gurki Basra came to popularity overnight, after her Netflix episode on the show titled “Dating Around” aired in 2019.

Posted in | December 15, 2020 Award-Winning Interior Designer, Lisa Staprans, on How Environments Impact the Soul and the Brain

Lisa Staprans has been an interior designer for over twenty years and has received numerous awards for her work, one of them being from the American Institute of Architects for her work on the Portola Valley Town Library, a platinum LEED-certified project.

Posted in | December 15, 2020 From Nurse to Energy Healer, Timmie Horvath, shares her Journey, how to work with Moon Cycles & more

Timmie Horvath is the founder of the Sacred Wellness School of Healing Arts based in Canada.

Posted in | December 15, 2020 Monita Rajpal, former CNN anchor, on media representation, identity detoxing and her new blog

Monita Rajpal doesn’t need much of an introduction.

Posted in | October 30, 2019 What It Means To Have a Vision For Your Life

Do you truly understand what it means to have a vision for your life? Is it just your dreams and goals? What does real vision look like?

Posted in | October 30, 2019 Tap Into Your Imagination

What exactly is our imagination? How do we see it, touch it and use it? Imagination is there and kind of isn't.

Posted in | September 3, 2019 Creating magic behind the lens with Amina Touray

We chat to the exceptionally talented Amina Touray, a Vogue featured photographer, about her journey to building next-level photography skills and creating art through photos.

Posted in | June 26, 2019 Do I Need a Coach

Of course, having a coach is amazing! And it makes sense that pro-athletes and Oscar-winning actors have them.

Posted in | June 26, 2019 How to Build Real Confidence

Being confident and projecting confidence are DIFFERENT.

Posted in | June 26, 2019 How To Choose a Career

For all the great strides we make in the world – this is one question that gets us all.

Posted in | June 13, 2019 Anxiety, Insomnia and More with Dr. Tslil Feinberg

Some say that Millennials are "Generation Anxiety".

Posted in | June 13, 2019 Meghan Farnsworth shares her #bossbabe journey

When I think of #bossbabe Meghan Farnsworth comes to mind.

Posted in | June 13, 2019 Body Image with Jenny Weinar

Jenny Weinar is a body positive psychotherapist and consultant based in Philadelphia specializing in treating disordered eating and distorted body image.

Posted in | March 8, 2019 We talk to Ayana Baraka about the Path to Purpose

This week we are talking to the beautiful Ayana Baraka, incredible cinematographer and equally awesome human.

Posted in | March 8, 2019 The power of PURPOSE and EXPERIENCE

We are wrapping up the solo series of podcasts this week by exploring Purpose and Experience.

Posted in | March 8, 2019 Living my BEST LIFE

Ugggh! I think we have ruined #livingmybestlife - agree? Today's chit-chat is about why I think those words have lost their power and way better hashtags.

Posted in | March 8, 2019 How NOT to LOSE PERSONAL IDENTITY in a relationship

You must have experienced this at some point, you find yourself watching too much football or missing out on girls night too often.

Posted in | March 1, 2019 The By Intent Podcast is Live!

Learn even more about us, as we launch our podcast channel this week.

Posted in | March 1, 2019 Welcome to By Intent

Our Youtube channel is live! Whoop whoop! This week I talk about the 3 fundamental questions - the answers to which can transform your life.

Posted in | March 1, 2019 Let’s talk about IDENTITY baby!

If you listened last time, you know the 3 big areas at By Intent.

Posted in | March 1, 2019 GOING BACK TO COLLEGE – This will help you make the jump!

Whether you are thinking of a first degree, a post-grad or just learning any skill - we talk about why that's awesome and important! Learn all about the concept of continuous learning, why's it's important and the simple steps you can take to make learning shrink from "mammoth" to "mouse".

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