1-on-1 ConsultingBuild Your Game Plan

We work with you 1-on-1 often in unconventional spaces (think the beach or an art museum) having focused, honest and brave conversations. Or hey, a virtual beach in these 2020 times.

We prompt insights and provide the space for transformative conversations.

In partnership, we will support you to transform your life in and out! We set you up to maintain lifestyle and behavior changes, long after our work together ends.

We work with a network of other top-notch specialists such as dieticians, stylists, therapists and similar when required.

If you aren’t good with personal accountability, you know that online courses and tools aren’t enough for you to make changes to your life. If you need a solutions developer and an accountability partner, then 1-on-1 consulting is for you.

Common issues people come to us with:
  • Building confidence and personal brands
  • Holistic and sustainable approaches to health and wellness
  • Choosing career paths and developing career growth plans
  • Complete do-over’s (appearance to internal value systems) – we help you design a new you
  • Finding love and growing new relationships with solid foundations
  • Overcome fears toward change and build resilience to overcome life changes
  • Come-back from life-changing circumstances (death of a loved one, losing a job, ending a relationship)
1. analysis Figure out what’s working and what’s not

Using self-awareness techniques we help you gain a true understanding of your self.

2. visioning Map ideal states and articulate dreams on paper

Using design thinking we help you vision future states (career, love, health).

3. planning Map goals, create plans, develop strategies & establish structure

Collaboratively, we problem solve and ideate personalized, practical solutions for you.

4. execution Implement new habits, thinking patterns and behaviors

We shift into a coach mode as we support you to change your daily habits, make your goals a reality and sustain behavior change.

Healthier, happier and higher-performing!

Typically we work with you from analysis to execution. But we get that everyone isn’t at the same stage and the journey could look different from one person to the next. As does the timing.

You may need our support to build some plans and tools for behavior change, which may require just a few consulting calls. We work with others over the course of several months.

A gift, to emotionally and mentally uplift another

I can, with hand on my heart, say that working with By Intent (and Raakhee) is an incredible experience. She has a gift to emotionally and mentally uplift another human being. She tells you what you want to hear and also have the difficult conversations with you, but it happens so amicably, that it becomes rather inspiring and motivating.

Dharmita Babu | Consulting

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