Wondering how to enhance yourExperience?

Wonder, if it gets any better? Envious of the ones who seem to have it all – health, wealth & joy?

Simply want to experience more happiness and fulfillment in a day? Want life to go from “yawn” to “yeaaas”? How do I?

There’s too much to do, too little time. Going to the gym gets delayed, the vision board never materializes. Life keeps happening to you, almost by accident, and you just find yourself following along.

The Experience program will provide you with systematic guidelines to change your very experience of life on a daily basis. You will gain a renewed power to manage the outcomes of your life balanced with a deeper spiritual connection.

You will experience improvements in your health and emotional well being, and even in your surroundings – expect that you will experience things differently after completing this program.

You will build powerful daily practices (from mindfulness to gratitude) that shift how you react to and experience life. Learn and grow as a person on a daily basis.

We will move you from a question, “How do I?” to a statement “I do” backed with strategies and tools to cultivate daily habits that shift your reality. Together with the power of Identity and surety of Purpose, you can become an unstoppable force for “greatness” in your life.

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Who is the program for?

Experiencing any of the following, if yes, then this program is for you:

  • Have poor daily habits that do not support the achievement of your goals (lack discipline & focus)
  • Unable to move on from the past, too worried about the future and unable to enjoy the present
  • You don't know how to practice self-love and self-care, you feel stressed and burnt out often
  • You lack fulfilling relationships and friendships
  • Unhappy with where you are in life (appearance, achievements)
  • Struggling to cope with loss, failure or disappointment
  • You are unable to deal with and resolve challenges with health, career, money, relationships
  • You do not have a mindful relationship with your environment and nature
  • You are afraid of change and cannot sustain any positive behavior change
  • You are armed with tons of info on health, self-development and wellness but don't know how to plan, structure and apply it in a practical, useful way
  • Yearning to transform your life in and out
  • You long for a deeper spiritual connection

What will you get from the program?

Program Objectives:

  1. Learn ways to improve your physical, emotional and mental health.
  2. Develop ways to foster more connection & meaningful relationships in your life, deeper spiritual connection and live in symphony with your environment.
  3. Understand how to vision, plan, execute and sustain a healthy, balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.

You will get templates and detailed examples of meal plans, daily routines and more.

At the end of the program, you will have the vision & structure to run your day – not have your day run you. You will be able to systematically work towards your goals, sustain positive habits and experience more joy in every single day.

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How does it work?

  • Weekly Modules
    Over 5 – 10 Weeks

  • Course Videos, Workbooks and Additional Reading

  • FAQ's and Monthly Live Q&A Sessions

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