Wondering how to clarify yourpurpose?

Do you feel bored, frustrated and unfulfilled with your job? Or are you struggling to find a career path because there are too many options? Do you question – what is my purpose, what value does my life serve?

Why am I?

Finding purpose and meaning in work and life isn’t always simple. We either over complicate or oversimplify matters. The Purpose program will lead you through a step-by-step process to uncover your skills, desires and motivations allowing you to map that into a path to follow. A path to purpose and fulfillment.

The Purpose program is about discovering what you are meant to do with your time here and how to do it. You will be able to define the career you want, the contribution you want to make and how to fulfill your creative potential.

The program will help you uncover creative interests you might have ignored in the past. You will also uncover the type of leader you envision becoming.

We will move you from a question – “Why am I” to a statement “I am because”. With the clarity of Identity and rigor of Experience you can create and live the life of your dreams.

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Who is the program for?

If you are experiencing any of the challenges below, this program is for you:

  • Lost a job or career and have no idea where to go from here
  • Traditional careers don't appeal to you - but you can't define what you do want
  • Unfulfilled, bored, frustrated, irritated and anxious at work
  • Unable to choose or decide on a career, keep changing your mind
  • Haven’t achieved enough or succeeded professionally
  • Want to change careers, but you are unsure or scared to
  • Hold yourself back from leadership and growth
  • Haven't achieved your childhood dreams or stopped having dreams altogether
  • Experiencing a mind and heart conflict about what you want
  • Don't feel like your life has any value or purpose (feel like you could disappear now and it wouldn’t matter)
  • Worried that your life is going to be the sum of a 9 to 5 job, paying bills and sleeping on repeat
  • Want to grow and do more, but don't know how to

What will you get from the program?

Program Objectives:

  1. Understanding your interests, strengths, mindset, motivators and creative potential as inputs to finding your purpose.
  2. Discovering your leadership profile and the contribution you want to make, as further inputs to finding your purpose.
  3. Defining your purpose into an actionable career path and map that enables fulfillment.

You will get to engage with fun tools like a skills assessment, leadership profiles and visioning exercises.

At the end of the program you will be able to aim for that promotion, know which career to choose or understand what’s blocking you from enjoying your daily work. You will leave with a clearly defined map and pathway for your life.

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How does it work?

  • Weekly Modules
    Over 5 – 10 Weeks

  • Course Videos, Workbooks and Additional Reading

  • FAQ's and Monthly Live Q&A Sessions

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