Let's work on youridentity

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

– Aristotle

Who am I?

It’s a question that’s probably popped up for you at some point. An understanding of yourself at this fundamental level isn’t just important to avoid an existential crisis.

It’s the root of so many other challenges. Whether you struggle with self-acceptance, authenticity or confidence, it likely stems from an identity issue.

You are in the right place if:

  • You are feeling torn about choices or major decisions (where to live, what job to take, leaving a relationship)
  • You are having challenges fitting in or can’t find your tribe
  • You are confused about your strengths and development areas
  • You are questioning your current career, relationships or ambitions
  • You can’t identify with or have conflict with your family, friends or community
  • You struggle with self-comparison, unrealistic expectations and jealousy
  • You struggle with self-acceptance (body, life circumstances, the past)
  • You can’t reconcile your religious beliefs with other aspects of your life
  • You have a poor sense of self-worth and lack confidence (social engagement, public speaking)
  • You struggle to be authentic in daily interactions
  • You often let fear rule your choices and decisions
  • You don’t know how to articulate and embody your personal brand

How we help:

We help you define and understand influences on your identity. You will learn about your personality and preferences. But our work doesn’t end with self-awareness, it just begins there.

We believe we can construct our identity, we must. Otherwise we will always be victims to where we come from, those we are surrounded by and the limits of our current reality.

“Identity is an act of improvisation”

-Jason Silva

We support you to define your ultimate identity – who do you want to be?

We will move you from a question – “Who am I?” to a statement “I am.” You will be able to use the power of I AM – to embed into your Purpose and Experience to become a true co-creator of your reality.

We help you develop your self-worth, reclaim your voice and build your confidence so you can stop watching from the sidelines and start leading on the dance floor. You will learn to develop and maintain healthy relationships using boundaries, communication and respect.

You will be able to articulate a clear personal brand and permeate authenticity in all your interactions.

You will ultimately become more self-aware, confident and authentic.

You in? Yes! Let’s do this.

We have three different solutions suitable for different budgets, likes and dislikes.

If you want:

  1. Quick, condensed, budget friendly, but effective.TAKE A COURSE Our Intent:

    Inform & Educate

    Your Outcome:

    Impact on Key Areas of Your Life

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  2. Personal, focused, effort + time, life-changing.GET CONSULTING Our Intent:

    Plan, Partner & Execute

    Your Outcome:

    Transform Your Life (In & Out)

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  3. Free, inspirational & fun.SEE CONTENT Our Intent:

    Inspire & Sustain

    Your Outcome:

    Nuggets of Wisdom


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