The PURPOSE “Live & Immersive” sessions are learning experiences that will transform you to the core.

As we only have a handful of spots available for the “Live” program, we have also made the online program available at a highly DISCOUNTED rate, for a LIMITED time only.

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You might be directionless, uncertain and demotivated to move forward. Maybe you have tried and failed, maybe it seems impossible and you are just stuck.

You know this:

  • Your work should be meaningful and enjoyable.
  • Your life should be driven by your desires, your dreams and goals – not your circumstances or your fears.
  • Your life does NOT have to look like anyone else’s, that is NOT success that’s resignation.

We all yearn for it. A life of purpose. To use our talents, to achieve, to contribute, possibly to be remembered … Because somewhere deep in our subconscious, we know that ultimately it ends, this journey of life ends.

You need something that includes all of the above and more.

  • A process that will walk you end to end, in understanding yourself on the deepest levels.
  • Assessments and reflections designed to make you think in ways you haven’t before.
  • A system to bring together your insights to PLAN and CREATE your future BY INTENT.


  • 4 x Live Training Sessions (4 Hours of Intensive Learning)
  • Virtual Sessions - you can join from anywhere in the world
  • Access to Extensive Online Material– personality and strengths assessments, leadership profiles, development plans and more
  • Small Class Sizes – Max of 10 people per session, this micro-community will serve as your accountability partners

And if you are wondering, meditation, intention setting and alignment exercises are included too – of course! Girl, we got you!

We are conceptually spiritual, and deeply practical.


Everything we do is deliberate, from format to class size to every piece of content.

We are FEMALE focused! We want to support women to fulfill their POTENTIAL, their DREAMS and rise up to their inherent POWER.

Traditional Tools

We include and touch on all traditional methods and tools from personality assessments, to leadership profiles and development plans. BUT we also have …

Non-traditional Teachers

We can quickly uncover what’s actually standing in your way, we help you understand the mindset shifts that need to take place to start that new business, to overcome the fears that keep you stuck and to stop lying to yourself about what you really want. This comes from years of experience helping people and organizations across the globe transform using the best global methodologies on cultural transformation, brain-based coaching, positive psychology and yep spirituality too.

Diverse, Integrated and Balanced

We are integrated and balanced in our inclusion of methodologies and tools that are different yet all supportive to the end goal. You can’t OM your way to a life of fulfillment, but you do need to develop spiritual practices to support you along the way, to create more alignment. Equally, you also have to do the work, to ask the hard questions, to take the time for self-assessment, to take the practical and scary steps to make your life a VIBRANT force of PURPOSE.

FYP Model

We have a simple, powerful and practical proprietary model, which you will work towards completing through five extensive modules.

Live Workshops

This is not an ONLINE course. The materials are available for you online, but the actual learning happens in LIVE WORKSHOPS that are held online. You will be taught by a facilitator in small groups with interactive conversations and learning. This makes your learning extremely PERSONAL and the overall experience INDIVIDUALIZED.


Group sizes do not exceed 10 people per session. Groups are deliberately small, to encourage the creation of micro-communities. Small groups that cultivate a true sense of community. Who better to support you on your journey than someone going through the same! People as invested in transforming their lives, as you are!



We are conducting live learning in small groups, we want students who are invested in doing the work, open to engaging with others authentically and to create transformative group learning experiences through meaningful contributions.

As we only have a handful of spots available for the “Live” program, we have also made the online program available at a highly DISCOUNTED rate, for a LIMITED time only.


$498 (Installment payment options available)

  • 4x Live Group Sessions (coaching discussions, questions)
  • Complete online course (Module 1 – 5)
  • Micro-community
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$198 (Discounted to $148 for a limited period only)

  • +2hrs Video Instruction
  • Complete online course (Module 1 – 5)
  • Self-paced
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There are a fewgroups/cohorts that run per month and set dates/times for each group. You will be able to see these dates and times before you register, on the course page. Sessions are typically run on Thursday evenings (Pacific Time) and Saturday mornings (Pacific Time). You will have several cohort options to choose from and you can select the one that works best for you. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a suitable date/time BUT if you don’t register quickly enough then slots may fill up. So if you want to join the program, REGISTER early!
Your group will be composed of young women, who may be in different careers and industries but are also striving to find PURPOSE in their lives and take the steps to get there – whether it’s going back to school, starting a business or changing careers, they are committed to CHANGE. Fellow students could be from different countries or your neighborhood, but they are going to be FIERCE females.
A laptop and wifi connection. You will join an online conference. Everyone will be on VIDEO – but you can totally be in your PJ’s. It will be an interactive group session. Also make sure you have pen and paper too – you will be taking tons of notes! Course materials will be available online (workbooks, readings etc.).
The rest of your life! You will have lifelong access to the course materials as they are downloadable. Be sure to take detailed notes in the live classes, this will set you up to refer back to the content more effectively.
We encourage you to attend all sessions, in the event that something comes up and you miss a session. We will provide you with a recorded webinar that you can use to get up to speed.
The “live” program includes 4x live learning sessions, where you are taught online by a facilitator. It’s interactive, discussion based and includes group coaching. Hence, the program value is higher. The “online” program does NOT have any live learning sessions. In place of live learning sessions, you get +2hrs of pre-recorded video content. You learn at your own pace, on your own time. Seats for the “live” program are extremely limited, if you cannot get a seat – then the online program is a great substitute. It is also a more affordable option for some. If you know that you aren’t good at learning on your own and value the transformative experience of group learning – then REGISTER EARLY for the “live” program.