Goal Setting is Becoming Pointless (Here’s a Tool to Resolve That)

Posted in Career, Experience, Grow, Health, Learn, Purpose | March 5, 2021

Goal setting without the proper self-reflection never works. James Clear explains it succinctly in Atomic Habits – why we need to change our habits at the identity level not the outcomes level.

But here’s the truth, that even in knowing this – how we do even begin to rethink goals from an identity perspective? I believe, it’s the right self-reflection at the levels of Identity, Purpose and Experience. It can and will truly shift how you set goals, that are worthy now and even more in the long-term.

My FREE 2021 Self-Reflection Guide will walk you through a process of asking yourself the right questions in all three realms of Identity, Purpose and Experience. Through this journey, you will begin to envision and set a goal different level of goals.

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