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Posted in Experience, Grow, Health | October 6, 2019 Overcome the Social Media Comparison Trap

It's so easy to get caught up in the lifestyles of influencers and even friends on social - what started out as useful info shared by ordinary people has now become a cause of depression and anxiety.

Posted in Career, Experience, Grow, Health | June 26, 2019 Do I Need a Coach

Of course, having a coach is amazing! And it makes sense that pro-athletes and Oscar-winning actors have them.

Posted in Health, Identity | June 26, 2019 How to Build Real Confidence

Being confident and projecting confidence are DIFFERENT.

Posted in Experience, Grow, Health, Learn | March 8, 2019 Living my BEST LIFE

Ugggh! I think we have ruined #livingmybestlife - agree? Today's chit-chat is about why I think those words have lost their power and way better hashtags.

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