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Posted in Experience, Purpose | March 1, 2019 GOING BACK TO COLLEGE – This will help you make the jump!

Whether you are thinking of a first degree, a post-grad or just learning any skill - we talk about why that's awesome and important! Learn all about the concept of continuous learning, why's it's important and the simple steps you can take to make learning shrink from "mammoth" to "mouse".

Posted in Career, Health, Identity | March 1, 2019 Welcome to By Intent

Our Youtube channel is live! Whoop whoop! This week I talk about the 3 fundamental questions - the answers to which can transform your life.

Posted in Identity, Love, Purpose | March 8, 2019 How NOT to LOSE PERSONAL IDENTITY in a relationship

You must have experienced this at some point, you find yourself watching too much football or missing out on girls night too often.

Posted in Experience, Grow, Health, Learn | March 8, 2019 Living my BEST LIFE

Ugggh! I think we have ruined #livingmybestlife - agree? Today's chit-chat is about why I think those words have lost their power and waaaay better hashtags.

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